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IVF and other Assisted Reproductive Techniques


Whatever your reasons for needing fertility treatment there are many ways in which acupuncture can support you through this time. I do recommend taking at least 3 months prior to your fertility treatment to prepare your body, both physically and emotionally. This may include nutritional support and lifestyle changes or stress management techniques. I am able to offer advice and guidance and I can also recommend experienced practitioners in many other therapies who I feel may be able to help you.


Whilst research into acupuncture and fertility is ongoing, a recent review into acupuncture for fertility found that acupuncture can significantly improve the live birth rate of patients undergoing IVF. It is thought this occurs by increasing blood flow to the uterus at critical times of the treatment. It also addresses the side effects of drugs and the ongoing stress and worries that naturally come alongside fertility treatments. Many fertility clinics and consultants now recommend you have acupuncture alongside IVF treatment.


I have undergone specialist training in fertility and hold a diploma in Fertility Acupuncture. Therefore I fully understand the process, protocols and drug regime’s that clinics prescribe. IVF and ICSI can be a minefield of confusing lingo, expensive add on’s and time critical appointments. I am able to offer support and guidance, providing an impartial ear to offload any stress and worries you may have.


If you would like to discuss how acupuncture may help you through this time, I am only too happy to offer you a free 15 minute telephone consultation.


In the meantime you may wish to read my blog about exactly how acupuncture supports IVF, here

”I have been seeing Rachel for acupuncture during my fertility journey and in the lead up to the start of my IVF treatment. Rachel’s extensive knowledge and experience in female fertility and gynaecology is really reassuring when answering any of my questions and concerns. She is thorough when we discuss my health and anything that may have come up in between our sessions and is considerate and discreet when we are discussing anything more personal. Rachel creates a calm, professional and trusting environment and session she explains what she is doing clearly and makes sure you are at ease and comfortable with the treatment. I couldn’t recommend Rachel for acupuncture enough”

”Rachel has been so supportive of me throughout my IVF treatment. I had been having weekly sessions in the lead up to treatment and am now in the middle of my second round. Not only have the weekly treatments meant I have had time to switch off and relax, they have helped with some of the symptoms that I experienced with the 1st round, such as hot sweats and being generally irritable. Whether or not this round of treatment works I know that I have benefited hugely and Rachel’s care and support has meant so much. Its been great to have someone to talk to also.”