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May 18

Fertility Treatment and Anxiety

Acupuncture can be effective in treating anxiety and stress and can be especially important for women experiencing fertility treatment anxiety or stress. Fertility treatment is a process that unsurprisingly brings an array of emotions associated with countless appointments, expectation, waiting, the fear of disappointment and the potential costs of the process. Acupuncture can be powerful […]

April 16

Male Infertility

In Europe over the last 50 years, sperm count has declined by 32.5%. Some 60% of male infertility is unexplained, and there are numerous theories about why it has reduced over time. Male infertility may be caused by environmental factors, medication intake or lifestyle choices.

September 14

Autumn Colds – How Chinese Medicine May Help

Do you catch a cold easily at this time of year? Did you know that looking after your lung and colon health may help avoid future colds, escaping that yearly pattern of September sickness?   Why Do People Catch Colds Easily At The Change Of Season? The change in weather at this time of year […]

September 5

Menopause, Can Acupuncture Help?

Did you know that while up to 75% of women in the west will suffer menopause symptoms, only around 10% of women in China will suffer…read on to discover why acupuncture and Chinese Medicine may be able to help you.   Acupuncture And The Menopause – What You Need To Know   Can Menopause be […]

August 12

10 Ways To Enhance Your Natural Fertility

Becoming pregnant is becoming increasingly more difficult for many couples nowadays.   If you’ve been trying to get pregnant for a while but nothing is happening, don’t give up hope.   Here in this article, I am going to share with you ten ways to increase your natural fertility from a Chinese Medicine perspective.   […]